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South Shore Dance Alliance

_DSC3737Why South Shore Dance Alliance (SSDA)?

Lindsey literally danced throughout life….in character as well as professionally. So it was only natural for Lindsey’s family to be accustomed to auditions, summer dance camps, countless classes, practices and performances.

In the fall of 2010, Lindsey’s mom entered a Juried Photo Contest benefiting the South Shore Dance Alliance (SSDA) dance studio in Griffith, Indiana. It seemed a good fit pairing her love of photography while helping to benefit raising funds and awareness for the dance studio.

A month after Lindsey’s passing, her mother visited the SSDA to pick up her ‘winning’ photo. That visit to the dance studio brought back fresh reminders of her daughter’s love for dance. The sounds and smells of the studio, the pulse of energetic music and the obvious dedication and passion of the young dancers (aged 6 through 18 years old) reminded her of the years she had watched her daughter rehearse and perform.

_DSC3769Camera in hand, the instructors allowed Dot to photo the dancers in action. Several visits later a relationship was formed and opportunities evolved.

Larry Brewer (Artistic Director/Founder) and Nancy Schoon (Marketing Director and Board member) have been a blessing to work with. We truly admire their dedication to the young, extraordinary dancers. We look forward to the exciting developments unfolding with this partnership.

Visit the South Shore Dance Alliance website and watch our Success Story videos to learn more.SSD