William Kesling

William Kesling, 21, brother of Lindsey O’Brien Kesling, attends Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and is studying graphic design. He edited and produced this “Wishing Tree” video to commemorate the planting of the tree Lindsey’s family planted as a living memorial. Talented members of the South Shore Dance Alliance added to the celebration with their dance. Will also provided editing support for the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club video.

“I create because it gives me an outlet to express myself, and also gives me time to myself, to communicate through my art. When I complete a work, whether it be time extensive or a short project I feel accomplished and realize all that I have learned! I will continue to contribute to the people and surroundings around me from day to day while recreating something people can relate to in a new thought or manner.” ~ Will Kesling

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