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Wishing Tree

LOK Wishing Tree located in La Porte, Indiana. INSET PHOTO: Many wishes and dreams scattered beneath the tree.

LOK Wishing Tree located in La Porte, Indiana.
INSET: Wishes and dreams scattered beneath the tree.

“Where there is great love, there are always wishes.”

Willa Cather, Author

Lindsey O’Brien Kesling was moved by a “Wishing Tree” she saw while traveling in England.

A wishing tree is a popular custom in many different cultures. The tree is used as a place to share wishes, offerings, prayers and blessings. Visitors may leave wishes written on tags, strips of fabric or other memorabilia depending on local custom.

The Kesling family planted a tri-colored beech tree in Lindsey’s honor in her hometown of LaPorte, Indiana, as a living memorial that expresses the potentiality and hope that surrounds us. We invite you to visit the tree (in person or view the video of the wishing tree dedication ceremony).  See the wishes, dreams, and prayers that many have already hung there.

The Foundation has chosen The Wishing Tree as its symbol to signify our mission and our desire to make wishes come true in the lives of young artists.

Explore our site to learn about success stories of wishes fulfilled and young lives transformed.