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    Experience Peace on June 5th

    Sixth-grader, Peace Jobito, that is.

    Peace will travel from her home in Bloomington, Indiana to grace the stage at the 2nd Annual LOK Young Artist Expo at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts on Friday, June 5th.

    Peace has been participating in the LOK Performing Arts Program offered by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Bloomington for several years. The award-winning program received the 2013 “Merit Award for Program Excellence in the Arts” from the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

    Peace won a scholarship through LOK Wishing Tree Foundation two years ago, when she was a fourth-grader. She used her scholarship to get involved in an advanced show choir called Syncopation, an opportunity that provided her with song and dance training from local professionals.

    “I liked it a lot,” Peace said. “It was really, really hard, but it was also fun and helped me a lot.”

    Ly Wilder, an IU adjunct lecturer in jazz, co-director of Syncopation said, “Peace is a fantastic performer with a sweet spirit and strong work ethic. It’s unusual for a child of her age to remember complex choreography and coordinate her body so well, but she can do both.”

    Peace was featured in a production performed by Syncopation in front of 3,000 people as part of the Chimes of Christmas Show with the Singing Hoosiers. “It was biggest crowd I’d ever seen,” she said. “But once I got on stage, I thought, ‘I can do this.’ ”

    Peace hopes her involvement in the performing arts program is only the beginning.

    “I love dancing, because it lets you express what you feel inside,” she said. “I would love to sing and dance professionally some day, and maybe even be a superstar on TV.”

    Article references original material submitted by Dann Denny from the Herald Times Online.

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    Cee Cee Kaylor Joins LOK in Community Outreach Role

    Cee Cee

    Cee Cee Kaylor

    The LOK Wishing Tree Foundation is proud to announce a new Part Time Community Outreach Manager, Cee Cee Kaylor. Cee Cee recently retired as Executive Director of the Samaritan Counseling Center, upon receiving a diagnosis for not one, but two types of cancer. Before the diagnosis, she had planned to continue working full time.

    Kaylor’s positive attitude and increased dedication to medical self-care seems to be paying off. “I’m doing well. Doctors used the word remission; cancer is still there just not active. My mother taught me to see the world through rose colored glasses. Some may call me ‘Pollyanna’, but it can’t hurt to have a good attitude.” While cancer is no longer a death sentence, it is time consuming — her kidneys require dialysis three times a week at nearly four hours per visit.

    When we asked her for a good time to interview her for this article, Cee Cee responded in her characteristic upbeat, matter-of-fact way, “You can always catch me during my dialysis treatment — it will give me something to do!” Sounds like a leader used to multi-tasking…

    During her time with the Samaritan Center, Kaylor led the organization to expand programs and services in the schools and courts, increased foundation support with grant writing and opened additional offices and staff. After a career spent helping others, Cee Cee knew that continuing on in a capacity of community involvement would remain important to her. When former LOK Community Outreach Director Christine Ward announced she was relocating out of state for her husband’s job, she approached Cee Cee as a possible successor.

    Cee Cee immediately knew it would be a great fit for her. She shared, “ I’ve had so many blessings. LOK was one of those blessings. Good people associated with it, fun and worthwhile, I’m proud to be a part of it. It’s a good opportunity and just right for me.”

    Since beginning with the LOK Wishing Tree Foundation just a few weeks ago, she has already initiated efforts to increase distribution and installation of carbon monoxide detectors. A recent opportunity was supplying detectors to the Chesterton Fire Department, who in turn installed the detectors on homes they are repairing in conjunction with Rebuilding Together, a program that provides extensive home rehabilitation and modification services to low-income homeowners.

    Kaylor has plenty of ideas for other ways to expand her role with LOK. She is very high energy and balances that with her other demands. Kaylor muses, “After being active all these years, I’ve got to make the best of what I was handed. I’ll have to do dialysis the rest of my life — I just accept it.” Cee Cee says she also realizes how important it is not to waste time and live each day to the fullest, even if it’s basic. “I’ve been journaling lately. I want to tell my story someday. I’ve become more spiritual, less self absorbed.”

    She also wants to travel and spend more time with loved ones. “It was amazing to realize how much support and love I have out there — from friends and family.” She managed a two month trip to Florida where she made arrangements to have dialysis treatments at a center down there.

    What is she going to do next? “Dialysis treatments are even available on cruise ships”, Kaylor enthused. It is going to be fun to work with this dynamic woman! LOK is certainly blessed to have her on our team.

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